Most Prevail™ Adhesives are LEED friendly with the following credits: IEQ Credit 4.1 for low-emitting materials—adhesives and sealants; IEQ Credit 4.3 for low-emitting materials—flooring systems; MR Credit 5 for regional materials—jobsites within a 500 mile radius from manufacturing location. Contact Customer Service for further information.

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Prevail™ 30-GS Grip Strip Adhesive

  • Prevail™ 30-GS combines excellent bond capabilities with the ease of a quick-dry formula. Prevail™ 30-GS is the only adhesive approved for use on Metroflor® Grip-Strip and Clic luxury vinyl tile and plank. Ideal for repairs, replacements and reinforcements.

    Product Size/Pkg: 1oz bottles

Item Number: PR-30-GS
Spread Rate: 40-50 linear feet when applied in a bead up to 1⁄4" wide
Roller Recommendation: Hand roller
Freeze/Thaw Stability: Protect from freezing
Product Shelf Life: 1 year
Product Compatibility: Konecto®, Engage®, Aspire®, Starloc®